Affiliatebot is the indian version of commission junction i.e it pays in indian rupees(INR).it is just like moneycosmos where we get ads and we have to promote them on blogs,forums,communities and e mails and if anybody clicks on our link,we get paid.ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT.
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What is Affiliate Marketing?

If you've unknowingly stumbled across this gold mine, please allow us to enlighten you on the exciting concept of Affiliate Marketing.

It has been insufficient for merchants to market solely through their own resources, nor are they able to conjure up sufficient creative ideas or dedicated marketers for their promotional efforts. Thus, the opportunity has opened up for YOU - the AFFILIATE, to play a critical role in assisting them achieve new heights and reap the rewards together.

As an Affiliate, merchants will offer you attractive commissions as a reward for bringing them customers or sales. As long as you have the ability to refer them traffic - be it through your website, forum, blog or even email lists, you are ready to venture into the realms of affiliate promotions.

In our AffiliateBOT network, we match you with the best performing merchants in the industry, bringing you top offers that you can effectively promote to your traffic. It is absolutely FREE to participate in our network, and all it takes is just a couple minutes to get your account up and running!


NOTE:when you are on the homepage,just make sure that you sign up as an affiliate/publisher.

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