Why Money Cosmos?
Money Cosmos is a venture of Karmath Infotech Private Limited ®
There are several plus points about Money Cosmos, which differ us from other affiliate websites.
Below are few to mention!
Registration is 100% Free! No Hidden Cost
You don't need to earn Rs.2,000 or 5,000 to get paid Our Minimum Payout is Just Rs.500
You don't need to wait for 90 or even 60 days for payments. We pay monthly.
We don't just say that we pay, we are the only website that proved that we really pay.
How will I earn Money?
In simple words, this is your once in a lifetime opportunity to earn money online. We pay you up
to $1.00 USD, Rs. 45.00 INR for each user who registers for FREE with our Advertiser. Plus, we also pay you a whopping 20% extra for transactions generated by members refered by you!

Instructions - Read carefully, if you seriously want to earn extra income!
To start earning money, copy the TITLE and LINK / URL written there and send it to your friends, colleagues, relatives etc. by e-mail Or paste the link on your Websites, Blogs, Communities, Forums etc. Each link contains a unique combination of numbers and alphabets, which are different for each user. Whenever anyone clicks on your link and registers with our advertiser, we will track it and credit the commission money to your account.

Note: Please post links on your own blogs, forums, websites etc. Do not post SPAM. Do Not use adult or inappropriate phrases to encourage users to click on the links.

Join moneycosmos by clicking on the following link:

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